The Center

Do the rocks here know us, do the trees, do the waters of the lakes? Not unless they are addressed by the names they themselves told us to call them in our dreams. Every feature of the land around us spoke its name to an ancestor. And unless the earth is called by the names it gave us humans, won't it cease to love us? And isn't it true that if the earth stops loving us, everyone, not just the [Native people], will cease to exist?

-Louise Erdrich, Turtle Mountain Ojibwe

Surrounded by forest and shaped by the creek that runs through the land, Woodbine has a long and varied history. The land comprises pre-Prohibition, handcrafted log cabins; modern, rustic cabins hidden in the woods; a large, three-story lodge built into the natural slope of the land; and a 2,000-foot A-frame that served as the chapel when Woodbine was a Christian youth camp.

Today Woodbine is a unique educational center that offers courses and workshops and hosts community events with people who are dedicated to making the vision of a better world a reality. More than that, this land we call Woodbine is our living classroom. The center provides a diverse, changing, living landscape for the fulfillment of Woodbine's mission. Meadows and groves, playing fields and ponds, the great lodge, houses, and meeting spaces—all cradle us as we learn, work, eat, and play together. In all this time, Woodbine continues to be shaped by the land in which it sits and be a part of the surrounding community.

We invite you to join us and find out for yourself what this land has to teach us all.





  • Center Location: 2584 N. State Hwy 67 | Sedalia, CO 80135
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 1253 | Littleton, CO 80160