Support Woodbine!

Help us buy a portable sawmill for Woodbine!

During the fall that just ended, we took down over 40 good trees that were adjacent to buildings as part of our forest management and fire mitigation practices. Now that the trees are cut and we have enhanced the defensible spaces around many of the buildings we want to make sure that we honor the trees by keeping them on the land and using them for other necessary construction and repair projects. The Woodbine Organizing Board is asking for cash donations to help us purchase a portable wood sawmill to be used to procure the natural resource of the lumber on the land for renovations of the existing structures at Woodbine, so when the pandemic is a thing of the past Woodbine will be ready to host gatherings, workshops/trainings, and educational programs for our members and the greater public.

To donate, and for more information, go to the GoFundMe page that is set up by Monica Garcia, one of the Woodbine Board members:

This donation is not tax-deductible.

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