Indigenous Wildlands Restoration Workshop

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Past Event

As more people move into urban areas, forests and wildlands are being destroyed at an increasing rate. Indigenous Peoples traditionally understood the forest to be a shared living environment and this knowledge was a guiding force in their rehabilitation and maintenance of the forest and wildlands. This workshop will share the holistic forestry philosophies and practices that guided Native American and Indigenous Peoples as well as some of the practical tools and techniques that have been adapted to forest and wildlands restoration and are being used at Woodbine. Both these tools and perspectives can be used for increasing the health of, and appreciation for, the forests and the communities that depend on them.

Instructors: Robert Chanate, Pavlos Stavropoulos, and guests.

Meals: Yes, Saturday breakfast through Sunday lunch.

Lodging: Yes, dormitory style cabins, dorm rooms and camping (If you are camping you must bring your own equipment). Space in our cabins and dorm rooms are available on a first come, first serve space (sheets are provided upon request, you need to bring your own pillow, blanket or sleeping bag, and towel).

Cost: In order to make our programs as accessible as possible while still covering our costs we have a four tier fee structure. Please pay the highest amount that you can so that we may offer lower fees to others. Registration information can be found on our registration page. Limited work trade and scholarship opportunities are available.

  • Supporter: $200-$350
  • Regular: $175
  • Lower Income: $110-$160
  • Registered Volunteer: $75



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