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Why should you get involved with Woodbine?

Because …

  • you care about the Earth, and you want to leave a cleaner environment for your kids.
  • the deer will appreciate it.
  • you can get out of the city for the day.
  • you have some skills and talents that you can share with others.
  • you will be part of a community that shares your values about ecology, respect, and setting an example.
  • the Douglas fir need you.
  • you and your partner can paint for a while and then go for a walk hand-in-hand through the blossoming Columbines.
  • trail clearing is therapeutic.
  • Woodbine Ecology Center can be your home away from home.
  • the Steller’s Jays would like to sing to you.
  • Woodbine needs your talents, your muscles, your ideas, and your wisdom.
  • you know how to work a video camera, and an editing program, better than your parents, or any of your friends.
  • you know how to sling mulch and swing a hammer, and pull a rake with the best of ‘em.
  • some kids have never been to the mountains, and you can bring them, or give them a tour, or explain to them how Jarre Creek runs through the land to Plum Creek, to the Platte, to the Missouri, to the Mississippi, to the Gulf of Mexico.

Because …

  • without you, the Woodbine community will be incomplete.

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  • Center Location: 2584 N. State Hwy 67 | Sedalia, CO 80135
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 1253 | Littleton, CO 80160