Our Dedicated Staff

Woodbine Ecology Center would be nothing but a dream if it were not for the committed people who have been working hard over the last several years to make this dream into a reality. While each of us has a specific set of responsibilities, we all bring and give much more to this project than our job titles and task lists imply. Together we make Woodbine what it is, a community-oriented, mission-driven project, building a better future for ourselves, our children, and seven generations to come. 

Tere Magnuson
Rental & Events Coordinator
Tere is responsible for planning, coordinating and overseeing the execution of all events and rentals. Responsibilities include promotion, booking and contract administration of rentals, management of on-site staff with regard to rentals and events, vendor coordination. As a representative of the LLC, the Rental and Events Coordinator is expected to, at all times, serve the best interest of the LLC by developing and maintaining good relationships with neighbors, vendors, public officials, and any member of the public who visits the property, as well as to promote and enhance the good name of Woodbine Ecology Center within the community. Tere has been with Woodbine Ecology Center for 9 years. Before coming to Woodbine her work experience has been in the field of customer relations and account management. She was account representative for Aggregate Industries Inc. on the five-year TREX highway project in Denver. She focused on scheduling, mix design, and complying with CDOT and all environmental regulations. She grew up primarily in the Denver area and lived in Bolivia as a child. She spent the summer of her sophomore year there and continues to have a love for travel, including most recently a trip to Cuba this past summer. Next on her travel bucket list is Australia.

Rick Garcia
Facility Manager
Rick was born in Denver and raised in Boulder during the Chicano Rights Movement, which was and continues to be a major influence in his life and his social justice work. He attended the University of Colorado Boulder and also has 10+ years of Urban Farming experience as a practitioner, teacher, and leader of youth and volunteer programs. He enjoys construction work and tinkering and he has used his skills to build infrastructure and support many organizations throughout the years. He was the Farm Manager for 8 years at the Urban Farm - where he had to interact and teach children, work with animals, and teach how to be stewards of the land. He has brought his experience  in aquaponics, vermicomposting, composting, and animal husbandry to help build urban farms in places that are in need (Children's Farms of America, Growhaus, Escuela Tlatelolco, etc.) Now at Woodbine, Rick is able to bring his diverse life and work experience in urban farming, social justice, youth leadership, and community work and combine it, on a daily basis, putting it all to good use for the facility and the community at large.




  • Center Location: 2584 N. State Hwy 67 | Sedalia, CO 80135
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 1253 | Littleton, CO 80160