Praxis of Social and Ecological Design Series

The Praxis of Social and Ecological Design Series

Come study integrative social and ecological design in four immersive, weekend-long workshops with some of the foremost instructors and practitioners in social and ecological design and permaculture. These workshops will help participants understand the principles of social and ecological design while learning water harvesting and earthworks techniques, developing regenerative perennial food systems, and creating healthy groups and communities.

Through case studies, hands-on work, and integrated design projects, the series will give participants an opportunity to delve into both foundational and advanced techniques and practices, and develop a thorough understanding of social and ecological design, and how to apply it for the benefit people and the earth. This series will also focus on climate change, social and environmental justice, carbon farming and carbon sequestration techniques, and indigenous management practices.

The entire Praxis of Social and Ecological Design Series is a unique opportunity to learn tools and skills that are applicable to beginners as well as experienced designers and community activists and they can be applied in a small or a large scale, and in urban and rural settings. Come learn how to work better with people and the land to increase your harvest of longevity, abundance, regeneration, community, beauty, and bounty, and join us as we seek to save the planet by turning it into an edible and socially just paradise!

The Workshops

Woodbine Ecology Center is proud to be hosting our four-part Praxis of Social and Ecological Design series this summer, and we invite you to join us! The series will be offered in four weekend-long, residential workshops at our beautiful land-based center in the mountains outside of Sedalia, CO. Each workshop will focus on a different part of the praxis of social and ecological design and is facilitated by a leading instructor and practitioner. Participants can take the workshops together or individually. The four workshops are:

Introduction to Integrative Social and Ecological Design

facilitated by Woodbine Staff
Friday, June 10th at 6pm - Sunday, June 12th at 4pm, 2016

We will begin our series with a weekend workshop aimed at establishing a foundation for later parts of the series. Woodbine staff and local guest facilitators will work with participants to come to fundamental understandings of ecological principles and how they correspond to the social realm, indigenous practices and ways of knowing, critical thinking, and regenerative design philosophies. This workshop is almost full with limited spaces. Please email us at to inquire about availability.

Praxis of Social and Ecological Design: Social Permaculture

We are sad to report that, due to unforeseen circumstances, our facilitator will not be able to come to Colorado at this time to lead this workshop. We are working to reschedule it for later this year if possible, and we will share more information here as it becomes available. Our other workshops will continue as planned.

facilitated by Pandora Thomas

This weekend workshop will focus on how to Design the Physical to Support the Social. Permaculture expert Pandora Thomas will help us learn how to be more effective and joyful as we work together to regenerate our world, using insights from our own cultural experiences, permaculture, and indigenous wisdom. Together we will delve into principles for cross-cultural collaboration, beneficial relationships, building community and trust, stacking functions, working with diversity, constructive critique, and share tools for decision making and making use of time outdoors in nature.

Find more information on this workshop by clicking here.

Praxis of Social and Ecological Design: Water and Fertility Harvesting

facilitated by Brad Lancaster
Friday, August 5th at 6pm - Sunday, August 7th at 4pm, 2016

This weekend workshop will focus on how to "Plant the Rain" to Grow Sustainable Abundance. Water expert Brad Lancaster will teach us about creating water-harvesting earthworks and plantings guided by design principles, techniques integrating sun-water-community, and how to achieve the goal of living within our sustainable water budget. Come learn about water-centric principles and guidelines, how to identify water resources, how to test our observations, and how to ask and answer relevant site-specific questions questions about water in a landscape.

Find more information on this workshop by clicking here.

Praxis of Social and Ecological Design: Forest Gardening

facilitated by Jason Gerhardt
Friday, September 16th at 6pm - Sunday, September 18th at 4pm, 2016

This weekend workshop will focus on Low Maintenance, Sustainable, Plant-based Food Production. Forest garden expert Jason Gerhardt will help us understand how to think like a forst as we design food production and agriculture systems for carbon sequestration, soil building, water conservation, and nutrition. Come learn about food forestry strategies at both garden and farm scales, plant relationships, water conservation, carbon sequestration, soil building and nutrition.

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These workshops have no prerequisites other than a strong desire to learn how to design for healthier and stronger ecosystems and communities. Each workshop includes all course materials, world-class instruction, five meals and three nights of lodging at Woodbine's beautiful land-based center in the mountains. The workshops can be taken individually, but their subject matter is deeply interconnected, so they are best when taken together. To encourage this, we are offering bundle discounts, so the more workshops you register to participate in, the greater the value:

  • 1 weekend workshop: $350
  • 2 weekend workshops: $650 (a savings of $50)
  • 3 weekend workshops: $900 (a savings of $150)
  • 4 weekend workshops: $1,075 (a savings of $250) (Limited availability. Inquire at

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Limited scholarships are available for those who need financial assistance and are actively engaged in their communities. For scholarship criteria and details go to

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