Solidarity Society: A series of presentations and conversations

Woodbine Ecology Center invites you to join us for our multi-part Solidarity Society Series beginning in January 2016.

Solidarity [sol-i-dare'-i-tee] (noun): A guiding ethic, a social value, an organizing principle, an everyday practice. An antidote to neoliberalism. A beginning to decolonization.

Throughout the world, individuals and communities are increasingly faced with both natural and anthropogenic disasters. Climate change and refugee crises, evictions and foreclosures, mass layoffs and police brutality, state repression and the collapse of social services to austerity - these and other crises are affecting people across the world. However,in the face of these threats, people are banding together with their neighbors and communities to forge new projects and societies based on solidarity.

The Solidarity Society series will look closely at what we can learn from such efforts and communities, and through dialogues, workshops, and presentations, we will explore what "solidarity" means and what it looks like, particularly in crisis. Inspired by the belief that what happens after a crisis depends on what ideas are in place before hand, we seek to cultivate those ideas, social values, and everyday practices in our own organizations and communities to move from crisis to liberation.

Join us as we begin to seek together how we can build our own solidarity society amidst a world in crisis.

Topics of the series will include:

  • Austerity and Refugee Crisis in Greece
  • Self managed factories and means of production
  • Autonomous Regions (Rojava, Chiapas, etc.)
  • Solidarity societies in indigenous nations
  • Solidarity economy
  • Trauma and community resilience
  • And more!



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