Woodbine to Launch Integrated Social Ecological Design Course Fusing Several Permaculture Classes

To save the planet we may need to turn it
into an edible and socially just paradise...

Abundance. Regeneration. Community. Beauty.

Study integrated social ecological design with some of the most respected instructors and practitioners in social and ecological design and permaculture. Combining edible forest gardening with water harvesting and earthworks and social and group dynamics, this course will give participants an opportunity to delve into advanced permaculture techniques that anyone can (and should) learn and use. These courses are usually taught seperately but inform each other so integrally that we're creating a program to learn them together.

Eric Toensmeier, Pandora Thomas, and Brad Lancaster, renowned authors and practitioners who happen to be extraordinary, skilled teachers. Learn to plant the rain (water), then plant the forest, for easier, more long-lasting, beautiful yields and resiliency, while creating healthy communities. May 29th - June 7th, 2015.

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