Woodbine Releases 5-year Campaign

As we move from dependency to resilience and community in(ter)dependence, Woodbine Ecology Center has released plans for our intention of becoming a demonstration site for what's possible for all of our communities.

The transition, unfortunately, doesn't work like a light-switch. Becoming an ever-more resilient community in touch with our natural environment with an eye for social justice is a long-term undertaking. Like the rest of us, Woodbine is entangled in regulations that serve purposes contrary to our aims and economic systems working hard to keep us all disconnected.

Luckily, we also have a naturally beautiful site with a natural edible forest garden, gathering spaces, lodging, and a community filled with wise growers, builders, salvage-ers, businesspeople, artists, permaculturists, ecologists, alternative energy enthusiasts, bee keepers, seed savers, policy experts, visionaries and community builders... a very good start indeed. Check out the plan and join us as we strive to meet the potential of this place... and each other.





  • Center Location: 2584 N. State Hwy 67 | Sedalia, CO 80135
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 1253 | Littleton, CO 80160